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Monday, November 11, 2013

Branding for Success, the RightlySaid Way: An Interview with Cheryl N. Klufio, MBA

In this radio interview, Cheryl discusses: 

  • Trends in branding
  • The benefits of powerful branding
  • The essential role of strategic communication, quality content marketing and high-impact public relations within your brand strategy
  • The categories of personal, destination and corporate branding, and their unique requirements
  • The personalized, strategic RightlySaid way to successful branding

Need to build or revamp your personal, destination or corporate brand? Request your free consultation with Cheryl.

"Whether you realize it or not, you’re constantly creating and cementing [your] brand through your spoken, written and experiential stories...those are the stories that your words and actions convey...Each and every one of us has a story and is telling it. The question is, is yours RightlySaid?"

About the Speaker

As founder and director of RightlySaidCheryl N. Klufio, MBA, is a coach, author and speaker who specializes in perfecting communication to build your personal, destination or corporate brand. Drop her a line or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Return to RightlySaid website or request your FREE consultation here.

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